Gambling News

U.S. House Urged to Regulate Underage Online Gambling

An advocacy group recently pushed for regulation of online gambling to protect Americans, especially the youth against Internet safety issues. In the hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, WiredSafety Executive Director Parry Aftab aired the organization’s concern about the growing number of young adults who are hooked on online gambling. Aftab said the absence of regulations on underage gambling would put U.S. consumers to risks without protection from the law.

US State Lotteries Look Forward to Gambling Holiday

More sales of scratch off tickets. This tops the wish list of U.S. state lotteries as people are getting ready for the holiday season. Giving scratch off tickets to friends and relatives is a popular and convenient alternative to shopping for gifts. Last year, scratch off and other types of lottery gambling had dismal sales performance, causing a slump in revenues of state lotteries in the country. Aside from lottery gambling, most states have now turned to casinos to alleviate budget problems. This year’s holiday season is seen as a great chance for state lotteries to recover from their revenue loss.

Study Reveals Parental Awareness of Underage Gambling

A study about the attitudes of parents toward underage gambling, the first of its kind, was presented to the press via a teleconference. Titled “Parents as Partners,” the study was conducted by researchers from DECODE and McGill University in Canada. Representatives of various lotteries in Canada also attended the said teleconference.

Gaming Experts Warn Against Impact of Regulated Online Gambling

Several gaming analysts do not welcome the legislation by the U.S. Congress that seeks regulation of online gambling in the country. According to them, the online gambling market in the United States will only grow if the Congress pushes through with the regulation. Gaming expert Steve Schwartz said regulation of online gambling will result in more problems in the workplace.