Hi! I’m Henry, the blog creator and administrator of Nato Info, the gambler’s trusted source of tips, hacks, and advice on casinos, betting, bingo, poker, blackjack, roulette, and other stuff about making money while having fun.

For so many years, gambling has been unfairly given a bad rap, which is why governments and non-government groups are keen on regulating the industry. Yes, it is prone to abuses and excesses, but when practiced in moderation and responsibly, it can be a positive force. In fact, in America, the industry contributed $240 billion to the economy in 2013. It has provided millions of jobs for everyone and money-making opportunities for players across the world.

In short, gambling is not bad as it is. It is how you play the game that makes it good or not. That is why I started this blog. I am advocating safe and responsible gambling—yes, these words can be combined in one sentence.

Now, you might be wondering—who is this guy and why is he rambling on gambling? I started from being a recreational gambler to turning it into my long-term career path. I’ve spent 2 decades as a professional gambler in London before I moved to South Africa a couple of years ago. I’m not trying to position myself as a gambling expert, but rather someone who happens to love and breathe it.